The Good Tymes Band


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....  Well, 30 years ago in Richmond Virginia - The Good Tymes Band was one of the area's most popular bands - playing all over the region for parties, weddings, corporate events, nightclubs (remember those?), and private events.  If you can remember The Juggernaut Lounge, Sandra's, The Round Table - then you can remember having good times with The Good Tymes Band!

Now, after a long absence... the boys are back!!  Playing music from the best era's of rock, pop, beach, Motown and more.  Music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and maybe a few from the 80's and 90's just for fun!  Songs you know...songs you can sing along to (and if you can't remember the words, don't worry, neither can Mike! He'll just make something up).  Yep, they are older, wiser, and may have less hair and more wrinkles than you remember, but the FUN is still there.  

Most of the original gang is still there -

  • Mike Andrews - (Mr. Personality) vocals, percussion, phenomenal front man, loves to get ladies up dancing and singing with the band
  • Howard Harper - (Mr. DJ) vocals, guitar, target of all internal band jokes
  • Jeff Dewey - (Thumper) bass guitar, vocals, the stabilizing element

Along with a couple of "new kids" to round out the lineup (Notice that the rookies don't get cool nicknames) - 

  • Richard Ballou - keyboards, guitar, vocals, loves to pick on Howard
  • Kevin Cox - guitar, vocals, 856,000 special effects pedals
  • Paul Foreman - drums, vocals, OCD organization behind the scenes

The Good Tymes Band is based in Richmond, Virginia